How to Save Up to 43% on Credit Card Processing Fees

August 9, 2017

By Josh Dudman

After paying merchant processing fees, how much of each transaction do you actually get to keep? How much of a difference would it make to your income if you could lower your merchant processing fees by as much as 1.50%? Now you can. Today’s handy guide helps you discover how Level 3 Processing increases your profits, without any extra work.

Level 3 Processing: A Brief Introduction

Level 3 processing is a premium service for B2B and B2G corporate cardholders with Visa and MasterCard that provides additional reporting on transactions. Level 3 differs from Level 1 and Level 2 processing because it collects more data from the merchant, including:

  • Item description
  • Shipping data
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity
  • Freight amount
  • Commodity and product codes

As you can see, this additional data provides better insight for corporate cardholders. Level 3 cardholders also have more control over how their business funds are spent; they can easily limit transaction amounts or purchasing frequency.

Fact: Providing the necessary Level 3 processing data can be extremely easy for your company.

Level 3 Savings: The Details

Typical credit card processing fees for B2B transactions cost 2.65% or higher, but Level 3 processing rates can be 0.50% – 1.50% lower (a savings of up to 43%). That means you could keep approximately $13.50 more for each $1,000 of Level 3 processing!

Depending on how many Level 3-eligible transactions you process, this could translate to a massive annual savings for your company.

Fact: The more Level 3 processing you do, the more you’re likely to save.

The Level 3 Secret: Choose Your Vendor Carefully

When you’re ready to start taking advantage of reduced rates, you have to make a choice between two options, both of which get you the Level 3 benefits and savings you deserve.

You can either:

  1. Run transactions the way you always have (while taking advantage of increased Level 3 savings and benefits)


  1. Pay for expensive, specialized hardware for Level 3 processing, then manually transfer required data from your ERP in painstaking detail

The choice is obvious, so here’s how you can take advantage of Option 1:

Choose the right merchant services provider.

At American Payment Solutions, we believe that you deserve lower credit card processing rates and faster payments. That’s why our clients get:

  • 12-hour funding available for all card brands
  • Significant savings on processing fees (as much as 1.50%)
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • A lightning-fast ROI (one client saved $112,000 in a single year)

Plus, clients who sign up soon also get a state-of-the-art Level 3 credit card processing module that’s fully PCI compliant and comes pre-programmed with your company data so you can just plug it in and start using it.

Fact: Getting lower rates and faster payments is easy with American Payment Solutions.

Send Over Your Statements Today for Your Free Merchant Analysis

Send your statements to Patty Benitez , or Candra Rader our Level 3 experts, and tell them you are interested in processing through the AccountMate accounting software system, and they’ll find out how much you can save with American Payment Solutions. If we can’t match or beat a competitor’s rate, we’ll give you $500. What do you have to lose?

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